Badger Accessibility Services LogoBadger Accessibility Services (BAS) is a web-based accessibility resource center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services. We provide services for creating accessible audio and text documents. No matter what the disability, our staff will work to provide the classroom materials needed to be successful.

Any learning institution or municipality, within the United States can register to use our services.

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You can register your organization with Badger Accessibility Services. There is no cost to register. The only fee is when you use our services. Register now and we will be ready to serve you in your time of need.

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Click here to login to the Online Conversion Request System. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our service. Our standard business hours are 8 AM – 4:30 PM CST weekdays. BAS is also available via e-mail at

Services Overview

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Print to E-Text Document Conversion

Print to E-Text Conversion LogoWe provide book scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) of your textbook with free tape binding. Our staff can quickly convert your hard copy to electronic text in 5 business days or less. We charge a base rate of 25 cents per page for SCANNING/OCR.

BAS can also provide basic navigation editing such as converting each chapter or section to a separate text file. Standard turnaround for Scan, OCR and File conversion to e-text is five business days. Additional time is required when adding audio conversion options.

We accept most standard text books for conversion. Notable exceptions are books with numerous math, chemistry symbols, or non-English characters.

E-text to Voice Conversion

We offer conversion of E-text to audio files using Kurzweil 1000 and the synthesized voices from NeoSpeech. There is a choice of a male or female voice. We can vary the speed and tone of the speech to the preferences of the listener.


E-text to Voice Conversion Pricing

wdt_ID Charges Price Method
1 Book Conversion Charge (up to 15 files) 15
2 Additional File Charge 1 per additional file
3 CD Charge 1 per CD

Synthesized Voice Samples

Synthesized Voice Samples Table

wdt_ID Voice Gender Voice Engine Voice Samples (160 Words per minute)
1 Male NeoSpeech Paul
2 Female NeoSpeech Kate

Audiotape to Digital Conversion

Audiotape to Digital Conversion LogoThis service is very helpful to individuals that are in need of digitized media. Standard 2-track and 4-track audio cassette tapes can be converted to CD and/or MP3.

To obtain audio cassette to digital conversion materials, the customer will submit a request online and receive an order confirmation; then ship the material that needs to be converted to the address listed on our web site.

Once the materials are received by BAS, the media will be converted to the appropriate format requested. The newly converted electronic files will be delivered by data compact disc or via the Internet depending on the customer’s request.

Audio to Digital Conversion is priced at $15.00 per audio cassette tape track plus $1 per burned CD.

Example: (1) 4 track cassette will cost $60 plus the cost of cd’s and UPS shipping. The timeframe will depend on the quantity and type of cassette. This is a manual service and it takes a double the time of the recorded tape per job to complete.